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Currently based in Chattanooga, TN

Professional photography. Concert Photography, and all other Entertainment. Candid is fave.


Michele "shell" Luccketta, started as a Monterey Bay Area photographer "shell" started as a naturalist photographer and is a part of Artists4Change of In The Potter's Hands.

Who is shell?

shell is an artist who specializes in nature and wildlife photography. Her work is intended to be inspirational and uplifting.

Her focus is on the magnificent beauty in this world of God’s creation in the midst of life’s challenges. Although she looks to the beauty, she also looks for other nuances that others may not have noticed. She especially does this with her portraits.

She is an artist that utilizes many mediums.

shell is a painter, author, photographer, recording artist, songwriter, graphic designer, potter and more.
shell has studied at the Academy of Arts University.